Welcome to Wall Street, Main Street and Me

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Money Never Sleeps (Main Street re Wall Street)

Went to see Oliver Stone's Wall Street 2. I was underwhelmed. It struck me that the reality of the greed and corruption on Wall Street is so intense that a movie pales beside it.

Eli Wallach looks to be about 100 years old in this movie. I don't think it's makeup. There were cameos with Susan Sarandon and Charlie Sheen, but I'd recommend this as a Netflix event.


Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Rainy Days and Sundays.... (Me)

and the first days of fall...always get me down.

I went to walk the dogs at around 10 am and realized I needed a sweater -- back into the house with the boys bouncing in the back seat of the car, raring to go. Then it happened again at our 6:30 walk. Had to come back for a warm wrap. Awwwww, I love summer and really hate the thought of what's to come. Snow boots, quilted parkas, wool socks and heating bills. Ack!

Started a new health regime yesterday, however, which should carry me into nice vegetable soups this winter. Right now it's all fruits and salads. I feel better already. I was slipping into a kind of fast food, fat food, sweet food stupor. And I began to feel it. Everything in my body aged about 10 years just by eating poorly. I feel better already. And the thing is, I really like veggies, so it's just a matter of prepping all those raw goodies.

The stock market was schizophrenic today. Moved down, down and then up, up, so my options were not sure which way to head. I lost about $100 bucks today, but might be set up for some sizeable wins tomorrow. We shall see. It's so crazy. The bears are screaming double dip recession, (yes, even NOW) while we just had the best September on record in decades. Go figure. I got myself back to even in September. Amazing month of trading. And an amazing feat for me. I knew zilch about trading one year ago, October 09, and now I've got myself out of
my losses and am about to tackle all the learning expenses (mentor program, investment club, books, dvds, et al). When I knock off that expense, I'll be in clover. I admit to being very excited.

I'm still working on my FTP problems, so I'll get photo capabilities one of these days.


Sunday, September 26, 2010

Sundays (Me)

When you're obesessive and complusive like me, trading on the market becomes a way of life. I study, I plot, I plan, I keep records galore. And then...after a fabulous bullish run, or a miserable bearish one, the weekend arrives.

Saturdays can be filled easily with grocery shopping, and all those chores you've neglected all week long. But Sundays....oh, my. I am not happy with Sundays. It's just a matter of waiting for the market to open again. And of course, praying that the great rally of last week will continue.

This is how I get things done. Whether it's publishing books, making quilts, painting abstracts, or writing a poem, I put my whole heart into it. I am recouping losses at the moment, and it feels really good to know I've learned my lessons well enough to be finally 'winning.'

But arghhhh, Sundays are so slow. This is when I really miss having a partner, a roommate, a human being to talk to. I live alone better than anyone I know, but there are those moments.
And it seems they always come on Sunday.


Saturday, September 25, 2010

Intro and Welcome ("Me")

Welcome to the new Blog. I'll be using this to discuss stock and option trading ("Wall Street") politics and the world outside ("Main Street") and whatever personal journaling, literary or otherwise ("Me")

Today, coming home from the grocery store on Merrimon, I hit the roundabout on UNCA's campus, which is my quick way home. A big maroon Lexus driven by a little old lady barely big enough to peer over the steering wheel was inching her way around the circle...undecided about which path she wanted to follow. Alas, she had forgotten her way, and she just kept going around the circle, braking at each egress. but in obvious indecision, unable to leave the circular path. I exited, watching in the rear view, wondering how long she might go around. A little metaphor for my life perhaps. I was very worried and wished I could have helped her.
And then decided I'd better help myself, eh?

Have a lovely weekend, World.