Welcome to Wall Street, Main Street and Me

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Intro and Welcome ("Me")

Welcome to the new Blog. I'll be using this to discuss stock and option trading ("Wall Street") politics and the world outside ("Main Street") and whatever personal journaling, literary or otherwise ("Me")

Today, coming home from the grocery store on Merrimon, I hit the roundabout on UNCA's campus, which is my quick way home. A big maroon Lexus driven by a little old lady barely big enough to peer over the steering wheel was inching her way around the circle...undecided about which path she wanted to follow. Alas, she had forgotten her way, and she just kept going around the circle, braking at each egress. but in obvious indecision, unable to leave the circular path. I exited, watching in the rear view, wondering how long she might go around. A little metaphor for my life perhaps. I was very worried and wished I could have helped her.
And then decided I'd better help myself, eh?

Have a lovely weekend, World.


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