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Friday, October 8, 2010

Darlene Nelson Powell (Wall Street)

Just have to say the DVD's this incredible woman has created (from live seminars) have been the most valuable information in all my learning processes since October last year. I've been trading since October 2009. I can't believe it. I have taken a mentor program with OptionsXpress, and read many, many, many books on trading, charts, and strategies. But I must say, one of the best learning experiences has been Darlene. I am a testimonial! Google me!

The first set of DVD's is "Trading the Q's" and the QQQQ Index can be an entire trading strategy without ever touching another stock! I have made a lot of money on the Q's.

Right now, I am starting another series of her DVDs on LEAPS. I can't comment on these yet, (am watching them as I type). But I already know from the previous set that I am going to grow. There is nothing more exciting to me than learning and growing.

I have had a huge debt (my learning expenses) to recoup. The entire month of September has been a series of wins. I've dug out of an incredible amount of debt. I'm not finished yet, but every day, I am getting closer to getting back to even.

I am very proud of myself. I've worked very hard. And it ain't over yet. To be quite honest, it won't be over until they put me in the box.

Meanwhile, between trades, I'm rebuilding my old blog to be available here. Stay tuned.



  1. Are you swing trading the Q,s ? I have intraday traded the Q,s and not that consistent. I find the tick and trin not that helpful, when intraday trading the Q,s. Congrats on the successful trades.


  2. Actually day trading, but letting one ride overnight when I feel the trend is right. Yeah, I stopped with the tick and trin too. You can only do so much...I do plot the pivot points however.
    Thanks for stopping by;

  3. So happy to hear you making money! That's awesome! Darlene was my favorite mentor. Somehow the style of her trades appeal to me as a beginner and trader. Are you still trading the Q's and still making money? I want to buy her videos on that next.

  4. Hi any recent update

  5. Hi Anonymous?

    I have found that the market (just prior to this recent rally) was too erratic to trade the QQQ's successfully as I used to. (I assume this is what you mean, the QQQ's, right?) I have moved on to credit spreads now, for the moment. Bull puts mostly. I've learned a bit more and except for the big Apple rally, I don't really buy Calls and Puts very often alone. It's working for me to use the safety of spreads. Hope you're doing well.

  6. http://www.sec.gov/litigation/litreleases/2012/lr22354.htm

    How much money did you lose?

    1. who wants to know and why are you asking?