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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Mid Term Elections (Main St - Wall St)

It is becoming more and more apparent to me that Wall Street and our government are so entwined that all my Obama/Democratic dreams are sinking quickly. There is a system so in place that any smart politician, any smart bank is not going to rock the boat. The Republicans OWN this game, but the Dems just quake in the shadow of it.

I heard Lawrence McDonald speak at UNCA about his book on the fall of Lehman Brothers and it was so clear that the public... Main Street...is too dumb to live. We have NO idea of the huge wars of power and money that go on while we vote and think we have a democratic process. It's a joke
I hate, hate, hate cynicism, but there's little left in the face of Lehman, Maddoff and the like
There are many more indictments to come down. Pandrora's Box is open. The Tea Party crazies are loose like a virus (a natural result of bottoming out) and it's really a crap shoot where we're headed.

Interestingly enough...corporations are thriving...their cash assets are collecting and noone is
giving money away...not the banks..not the employers. All waiting for Obama to fall. It's quite spectacular, and in my view the most subtle racism in the history of America.

But he's already made history. The bastards just can't take that away. I really don't see any other answer to how half of the nation could desert our President in the face of economic failure, other than malevolent racism. I would like to believe it's simply partisan politics, but it just doesn't make any sense. Utterly without reason.

We are living in craziness.


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