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Thursday, October 14, 2010

The Trading Divas (Wall Street)

I look forward to my weekly meetings with the Divas, a small group of Asheville women who trade on the stock market. One is the author of "Trading Options in Your Spare Time - A Guide to Financial Independence for Women" - a book which turned my world upside down and I haven't come down yet. She and one other gal mostly trade options. One mostly trades stocks. One is just learning Forex (foreign exchange) and I am doing options and stocks. So there's endless things to discuss.

We bring our lunch to each other's houses, and watch teaching DVD's. We do round robins of sharing our week's successes and failures and set goals to meet. We are a really good group.

The whole adventure of learning new things and making real money is more thrilling than I can possibly convey. I'm totally chuffed and proud of myself and of every one of the trading Divas.

I only wish I'd happened onto this about forty years ago!



  1. I am so right there with you! I'm going to order this book. I have a friend who is a financial specialist and he's going to help me, but to be honest, it was reading your post that gave me the idea.
    Sure wish you lived closer......

    1. have given wendy's address to nearly 500 folks all around, some at hartford, some at att, some at hp and others here in so. calif, everyone needs $1,000 a mo. more., some at smart & final and at ralph grocery and u.s.bank..Burt B.

  2. thanks for reading! Be sure and sign up for the
    free newsletter and there's a chat room that Wendy runs too. (Wendy Kirkland is the author of the book).http://womenoptiontraders.com/blog/ If you stick with it, it will change your life