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Saturday, December 25, 2010

Whitest Christmas (Main Street)

I do believe we set a record for snowfall on Christmas Day in Asheville today.
The drifts are high enough to cover my little dogs, so I have to believe we got close to eight inches of snow today.

I am sick with a horrible cold that just moves head to chest and back again like a jumping jack. Boxes and boxes of tissues. I made a bed in the middle of the living room with two comforters, a pile of pillows, right in front of the TV. All of us,two dogs, a cat and me, snuggled in all day, snoozing or watching the snow fall. An occasional movie on TV. It was a long, long Christmas Day. So sick. I'm still so sick.

I won't be able to get out of the driveway for days unless we get unexpected sunshine. That's a problem. I don't have enough groceries as it is. And the poor dogs haven't got a prayer of a walk in their futures.

The first day of snow 12/25/10

The second day of snow 12/26/10

This 2010 year cannot be over soon enough. Depression stretches like a white slab of snow under moonlight-- it's pretty out there, but lonely and cold.


Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Winter 2010 (Main Street & Me)

Finally we have hit the first day of Winter (yesterday, I believe).

We've already had two snows, many freezes, and some icy rain. But today the sun is coming out, and my mood is lifting!

I'm the first to admit that I do not enjoy the holidays. Been alone too long, and Christmas is so wonderful for children, and/or loving couples. I had hoped to be part of a loving couple this year, but I got the hope pulled out from under me. It was unrealistic anyway. I'm gullible and always the optimist, in spite of my apparent cynicism. That's just my act. The trouble is only a handful of people see/know who I really am. I suppose that's true of most of us. But for me, it's a lifetime dilemma. Ah, well, so much for inner delving and philosophizing. Someday, as they say, my prince will come. (see? dopey me!)

I'm getting quotes on replacing some of the carpet in my house with flooring and/or tile, so that is also cheering me up. Henry (the cat) and the dogs have taken their toll on the pale carpeting, and I'm frankly tired of shampooing it.

I'm looking forward to the new year, to the trip to the Miami seminar in February, and there are some other possibilities on the horizon that I'm daydreaming about.

My eye is healing slowly. I was sorry to see Mark Doty, the wonderful poet, just had surgery for a detached retina. Ack. I really feel for him. This eye business can be very scary. His blog gives every detail. I couldn't write that. It makes my skin crawl to think about my surgery, much less go into that kind of minute detail. Suffice it to say, I'm so glad the worst is over. I only pray the other eye doesn't develop a hole. (there's a possibility, but not a certainty.)

I've been so happy in Asheville. I planned on never leaving Asheville for the duration. It's been the perfect town for me. But this is the second winter in a row that bears no resemblance to winter in Asheville. Global warming? Climate change? It would certainly appear so. And I may have to rethink things. Tricky.

Ho Ho Ho


Saturday, December 11, 2010

Need I Say More? (Me)

Hope you have a satisfactory end of 2010!


The Madoff-Kohn Affair (Wall Street)

Ah, at last we have an accomplice in the scandalous Bernie Madoff Ponzi scheme.

From the New York Times this morning:

A prominent Austrian banker who portrayed herself for two years as one of Bernard L. Madoff’s biggest victims was accused on Friday of conspiring for 23 years to funnel more than $9 billion into his immense global Ponzi scheme.

The accusations were made in a civil lawsuit that sought damages of $19.6 billion — the sum of the cash lost in a fraud that wiped out nearly $65 billion in paper wealth and ruined thousands of investors on almost every rung of the economic ladder.

The lady Sonja Kohn apparently wears a (very bad) red wig.

It struck me that if you take away the lipstick and the wig, you have another Bernie Madoff!

Did you ever see them together? Have we been duped again? :-)


Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Pitchforks, anyone? (Main Street)

Where are the citizens of America? Doesn't anybody notice that our government is just as corrupt as that in Afghanistan? They caught a Afghan politician sneaking across the border with $32 Million dollars IN CASH. (Can you even imagine the extra charges for suitcases to hold it all?) He could give no reason for having it, AND THEY LET HIM KEEP IT. $32 Million dollars of U.S. investments into a country which will NEVER stand on its own. A money pit. As corrupt as Iraq and bleeding us dry. We are borrowing money from China to pad the pockets of thieves in the MidEast.

And now, right here at home, the Republican Party is taking a PUBLIC stance, holding the suffering unemployed hostage (refusing to extend unemployment benefits) unless Congress gives the wealthy the Bush tax cuts -- a mere 700 Billion dollar knife to our throats. And a President who plays ball with these rapists rather than take on the corruption and fight for America. We are hopelessly lost to politicans who think that negotiation means finding the loophole to blackmail each other into actions that will pad their pockets with extraordinary wealth.

I HAVE HAD IT. It is time that we take to the streets, pitchforks and burning torches. Frankenstein's monster, American Greed, has been loosed and we need to kill it in order to protect ourselves and our children from the total destruction of the finest country on earth. I am disheartened beyond belief. The first President I've believed in, since Kennedy, has turned out to be a pantywaist, a pawn for the rich and corrupt politicans who have been running D.C. for over a decade. Our first African American President who promised Democratic CHANGE and has done watered down versions with the excuse that this is how Washington works.

Well, I'm becoming an Independent before the next election. I will NOT support either party, Obama, or this philosophy. Give me back Howard Dean. Nancy Pelosi. Give me a Liberal, a Progressive, an adult who is unafraid.

Goddammit, give me a pitchfork.