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Saturday, December 11, 2010

The Madoff-Kohn Affair (Wall Street)

Ah, at last we have an accomplice in the scandalous Bernie Madoff Ponzi scheme.

From the New York Times this morning:

A prominent Austrian banker who portrayed herself for two years as one of Bernard L. Madoff’s biggest victims was accused on Friday of conspiring for 23 years to funnel more than $9 billion into his immense global Ponzi scheme.

The accusations were made in a civil lawsuit that sought damages of $19.6 billion — the sum of the cash lost in a fraud that wiped out nearly $65 billion in paper wealth and ruined thousands of investors on almost every rung of the economic ladder.

The lady Sonja Kohn apparently wears a (very bad) red wig.

It struck me that if you take away the lipstick and the wig, you have another Bernie Madoff!

Did you ever see them together? Have we been duped again? :-)


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