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Saturday, December 25, 2010

Whitest Christmas (Main Street)

I do believe we set a record for snowfall on Christmas Day in Asheville today.
The drifts are high enough to cover my little dogs, so I have to believe we got close to eight inches of snow today.

I am sick with a horrible cold that just moves head to chest and back again like a jumping jack. Boxes and boxes of tissues. I made a bed in the middle of the living room with two comforters, a pile of pillows, right in front of the TV. All of us,two dogs, a cat and me, snuggled in all day, snoozing or watching the snow fall. An occasional movie on TV. It was a long, long Christmas Day. So sick. I'm still so sick.

I won't be able to get out of the driveway for days unless we get unexpected sunshine. That's a problem. I don't have enough groceries as it is. And the poor dogs haven't got a prayer of a walk in their futures.

The first day of snow 12/25/10

The second day of snow 12/26/10

This 2010 year cannot be over soon enough. Depression stretches like a white slab of snow under moonlight-- it's pretty out there, but lonely and cold.



  1. I only like snow if I decide to go to it. Snow in my neighborhood is a no-no. I hope one of your friends brings you some food & lovin' cause if I were anywhere close by, I would. Love ya

  2. oh dear bev, I am sorry you were sick! (better now, I hope?)
    glad you had the warm furries with you and I am sure they were happy to have the snuggling time.

    happy new year! xxx