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Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year!

Finally, finally, finally 2010 is over. I am ecstatic. Since November I've either
been having surgery or suffering some stupid sinus or head cold or chest cold problem. It's as if the world just caved in at the end of 2010. I am thrilled that a new year is starting today and determined that it will go better. (Don't I say this every year? That's worrisome. Is life so bad? Or I just yammer too much?)

Over Christmas, while really really sick, I decided that I was moving to either Chile or Ecuador. I just couldn't stand the idea of one more winter like last year and this one is looking to be more of the same. I didn't move here for bitter winters! I signed up for Spanish lessons and started researching everything imaginable on the internet. Why? Because the cost of living is unbelievably lower. But it didn't take long for me to discover that I was not cut out to be an expat after reading enough blogs and many, many websites. I'm not anti-American; I'm not rich; I'm not willing to settle for the kinds of things that can happen, like dishonesty and fraud, when dealing with business matters, real estate, etc. I'm too old and it's too scary all by myself. I just watched a TV show called "House Hunting International" where a couple was looking for an apartment in Santiago, Chile. They found a place for $150K in a good neighborhood, right in the city, but just seeing the actual places was enough to turn me off. The house I have here in Asheville is close to perfect for me. Anyway, I'm a very crazy old lady and now my new plan is to visit South America on vacations instead, and get out of town every Christmas!

And two days ago, the work began on my house to replace very old and dirty carpeting with Pergo laminated floors. They have completed the kitchen, dining room, and hall. Monday they will return and finish the office/dogs' kennel room. What is finished looks fabulous and it's really money well invested.

Hit a low spot on the stock market. Lost some dough while I was sick. Rule #1, try not to trade when you're sick. But I'm still over 12% ahead for the year, even with these big losses, so I'm not all that upset. Rule #2 You can't win all the time.

The rain came last night and this morning ALL the snow was gone! Thankfully!!
I was able to finally walk the dogs without fear of falling on slick ice. (I still have a huge bruise on one knee). And it warmed up too. About 50 degrees today, which was just so welcome. Since the whole country got this bad storm, maybe this is not the new normal but just an anomaly.

Anyway;, hope everyone had a happy new year. I'm feeling better already!


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  1. yay, no snow & yr health
    not to mention new floors
    am happy it's 2011
    for all of us