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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Happy Halloween (Main Street)

I remember a couple of really memorable Halloweens. One in New Jersey when I was married, we lived in a wonderful old victorian, and set up the dining room table with bowls of candy and apples. Our next door neighbors came over, and we put them under sheets in the living room. Hubby and I were dressed as Dracula and a witch. All the lights out, and the kids were allowed to come in one at a time. Candles, 'ghosts' boo-ing in the living room, and the kids shrieking and loving it. We had a line outside, and repeat customers. We had to let one little girl come in with her older brother, she was so young and scared, almost in tears at the door.

In between door bells, we adults had a martini, so the kids weren't the only ones celebrating.

This looks a little like my ex, in fact.

We all had so much fun, but what made it memorable...toward the end of the evening, a mother showed up pounding on our door demanding to know just what it was we were doing to these children, one at a time.

My husband's fist was balled up, and I had to step in front of him to prevent an assault. This was back in the 60's, NOT in this day and age of epidemic pedophiles, so the insult was searing.

The other Halloween I recall was decades later, in Blue Lake, California, a small logging town up near the Oregon border. I found a salt/water/flour recipe for "permanent" cookies, which you can then paint/decorate. But instead I made 'witches fingers' with long pointy fingernails (which I painted black). The dough bakes up almost flesh colored, and I cut the appropriate knuckle wrinkles into the fingers before baking. I put a hole at the finger end, and put ribbons through the hole, to wear around the neck. They were quite real looking, but oversized. At the door, when the kids came, I told them (in groups) the story of the witch trying to get in to my house, but that I had slammed the door on her, and her fingers fell off. I asked if anyone wanted one of the witches' fingers. Of course they all did, and I only wished I had cooked up more of them that year. The whole neighborhood was full of children with fingers dangling from their necks. Much fun!

Just did a google - somebody else made edible cookies, and here's their photo...close enough.

Get creative, have some fun. Be careful out there.



Friday, October 21, 2011

Absent Without Leave

Guess it's time I get back to blogging. I was afraid to blog because I moved to Florida and I was not supposed to move to Florida until my N.C. home was sold. Therefore the reverse mortgage goons started pursuing me, and threatening foreclosure, and of course I fought back. (I'm still fighting back; they got too much interest when the house finally closed this month). But I was assuring them I had NOT abandoned the house and was just trying to sell it while I was ...uh...vacationing in Florida.

Anyway, now I can breathe again and perhaps blog some posts from time to time.

The Naples weather turned cool this morning. It is SO strange to put on a sweat shirt to walk the dogs. Normally one is looking to take off clothes here. Tropical warmth and humidity. But I love it.