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Monday, December 26, 2011

End of the Year Nostalgia (Me)

Another year coming to a finis. Man, they go faster and faster. And this is the time of the year I get very wistful, remembering, counting my blessings, and going over the 'jewels' of my life -- things personal and public that affected me, made me who I am.

Decades ago, I was dining at Gino's, a famous Italian restaurant in New York City. The waiters, at that time, had worked there for decades before, authentic Italians with the greatest service in the world. Sinatra waltzed in with new wife, Barbara and a huge entourage. They sat at a long table, and Frank was obviously drunk. He ordered pasta and when it was served, he turned on the waiter and snarled, "what is this? Fucking Campbell's tomato soup?" The world stopped. Gino's went as silent as church, but Mrs. Sinatra, like a long time pro, quickly handled things, got her table talking, got the agonized waiter in her grasp and whispered to him, his head bobbing and nodding, a small smile finally returning. And it was over. The red-faced, awful Mr. Sinatra sat glumly like a spoiled child, head down for most of the meal, and never said another word. Barbara paid the bill, and swept the party back out to the sidewalk without dropping a beat. My respect for her knew no bounds. Him? I was not a fan for a long, long time.

But at the end of a year, we start also thinking about forgiveness. I have a few left on my Bucket List to forgive -- but this year, I decided to let Frankie off the hook. So what if he played with the Mafia. So what if he treated women like shit. The things going on in the world today from Madoff to corrupt Congressmen to illegal wars to John Edwards (a man I was going to vote for President!!) Ah, it makes me weary to think about the condition of the world...Frankie's sins look relatively tame to me. His music still brings me to my knees, and Frank, I'm over it.

Here's one of my favorites, dedicated to someone else no longer on my list:

So, my friends, who are you going to forgive this week?



  1. What a great thing to forgive. Bravo you! Yes, there's a lot of ... stuff (to keep this clean) going on today that makes Frank's tantrum pale in comparison. I understand he was manic depressive and he admitted to his own emotional volatility. So maybe it was something to do with that. He sure had a great voice.

  2. It's interesting you posted this Beverly. I have been really contemplating this very notion - and have a handful of people to forgive (more than I care to admit). I'm doing it daily, so that I truly mean it; it is otherwise a watered-down futile exercise, no? I DO think I'm melting the ice off my heart though. Truth is near :) (P.S. So good to "see" you again!)

  3. Hi Shelly! Nice to "see" you too! Thanks for stopping by and reading. Hope your 2012 is the best!!

  4. Barbara, my friend, HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!