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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

April Week 2 Trades and Adjustments

The market has begun to pull back, so my weekly bull put spread strategy is not going to work! Almost without thinking, my trading has begun to evolve into bear call spreads. But they have been created (often) from Calls that I bought that didn't work out. (I belong to some 'outside' groups that recommend buys. I am slowly disassociating myself from such recommendations. But the ones I have I'm trying to 'save' with adjustments).

Anyway, these are NOT weekies, but MONTHLIES with different expiration dates. These are apart from my "Bull Put Spread" project which netted me $5962.17 in ten weeks. That's an average of $592 weekly which suits me just fine. It hardly puts a dent into my past losses. Ahem.

So, with this pullback, I will be scratching for a new strategy. Here's my open trades:

I will update these trades in a new post after expiration. ##

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