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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

4/27/12 Weekly Trade results

Okay, here's the final results on last weeks credit spreads. I've republished the originals below to see the ones that were not successful. It is VERY difficult to adjust weekly trades, so I have made attempts here to roll said losers into montly trades. Not at all sure it will work, and the WEEKLY trade status makes it very, very much more difficult. But we shall see.
Week 3 was too crazy. I made monthly trades and didn't touch the weeklies. But I'm back, (and a little late posting). Here's my 4/27/12 Weeklies. (note that one of them (BIDU) is already failed; I adjusted it to monthlies which IF they succeed will reduce my losses to $49.50.
If you are looking at the schedule, I.C. stands for "iron condor" which I've placed on Apple. It simply means a Bull Put and a Bear Call put on at the same time (thus reducing fees). ##

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