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Monday, November 26, 2012

Mini-Options Anyone?

Wow, this is exciting.  On some equities, we'll be able to trade options on 10 shares of a stock/ETF
instead of 100.   This will mean less margin, less fees and likely less premium, but for the small,
beginning trader, this is WONDERFUL.   Unrolling on March 18, 2013 according to  Futures Mag.

NEW YORK, November 26, 2012 - The International Securities Exchange (ISE) today became the first exchange to confirm a launch date of March 18, 2013 to commence trading in Mini Options. Since receiving Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) approval for this innovative new product offering, ISE has been coordinating with its member firms to determine an appropriate date for launch readiness. Mini Options will represent a deliverable of 10 shares of an underlying security, whereas standard contracts represent a deliverable of 100 shares. ISE will initially list Mini Options on the following securities: APPL, AMZN, GLD, GOOG, and SPY.
"We are very pleased to announce a launch date of March 18, 2013, to begin trading Mini Options," said Gary Katz, President and CEO of ISE. "This exciting new product will make trading options on popular, high-priced names like Google and Apple more affordable and more flexible for the retail segment of the market. We look forward to coordinating with our member firms to achieve a smooth rollout of Mini Options in March and to broadening the reach and appeal of the options product to retail investors with this new offering."
Mini Options will have the same expiration dates as their standard counterparts, including Weeklies and Quarterlies. Strike prices will also align to those of the standard contracts, as will the quoted bids and offers. The fees associated with Mini Options will be filed with the SEC and announced at a later date.

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