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Thursday, January 3, 2013

Strategies -- hooking up to volatility.

My life is settling down at last!!   My real estate disaster has been averted with the help of some really good friends, and my life and my trading fund will be back on track very soon.  You'll see me hanging out here more often once I get the paperwork done.  What a GREAT way to end the ugly 2012.  I am awash in gratitude.

My new year resolutions include learning to trade options on futures, as well as getting down to a lot more
"automatic" recognition of what strategy to use for what market/volatility.

In trekking around the internet, I found this wonderful article on strangles as an earnings play.  This is
exactly the kind of information in detail that I want to know.   Be sure and read the comments however, as there are some cautions and it's for you to decide how you want to play this.  But I love the clarity of this
post, so this is my first on my list of trades.

                                                                      Earnings Play

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