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Friday, February 28, 2014

WHY Options and WHY NOT Stocks?

Hey, traders ask me all the time: "Why should I trade options instead of stocks?"

There are a ton of reasons for trading options, some of them listed throughout this blog.

I'm going to give you a couple of reasons why you should NOT trade stocks, if you'll just take the time to watch a couple of videos. I know you have to watching your nightly news so you can't be totally ignorant of all this, to begin with...and it certainly makes me wonder...why aren't you trading options? When you do it the Tasty Trade way, you are Selling Volatility, not buying into a company's reputation, information, or the direction of its stock.

PBS/FRONTLINE: To Catch A Trader (click to open)

If that one got your attention, here's a Tom Sosnoff video about the SEC that might roil your blood as well.

SEC Front Runner (click to open)


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