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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

The /CL Crude Oil Saga

Okay, I admit I've been remiss in updating this blog. Truth be that I've been ill, and just diagnosed this morning with pneumonia.

That didn't stop me from papertrading however, but many, very small trades going on and a whole lot of coughing into nasty tissues.

So I shall just give you the totals for some up and down days (a couple were really scary when the damned oil went off the charts) but it all balanced out in time and I'm still making...paper...money.

  • Date--------------- # of Trades--Daily Profit---$5K Fund Balance
  • March 25, 2014-----18 trades-----$415.08-------- $5,415.08
  • March 26, 2014------3 trades-----$678.19-------- $6,093.27
  • March 27, 2014------9 trades-----$157.50-------- $6,250.77
  • March 28, 2014------3 trades----($427.76)--------$5,823.01
  • March 31, 2014 ---- 4 trades----$195.71----------$6,018.72
  • April 1, 2014---------6 trades----$377.95----------$6,396.67
  • April 2, 2014--------15 trades---$642.02-----------$7,038.69
  • April 3, 2014--------10 Trades--($379.40)---------$6,659.29
  • April13, 2014--------1 trade--($30.00)------------$6,629.29
  • April 30------about 100 wee trades $442.61...$7,071.90

  • No, I didn't use stops, because I didn't place a trade and walk away. I sat at the screen and made $20, $30 and $50 a shot. If it went against me, I took an instant loss of $20 or $30. That's why in 1/2 month, I only made $442.61-- well, that and the fact that I felt lousy and couldn't think straight.

    Moral of the story: Don't trade when you're sick.


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