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Tuesday, May 27, 2014

/CL Update - 5/27/14

Holiday weekend, not a whole lot of trading going on -- and certainly not me.

I'm busy working on ideas to get a real money trading fund back, so watch this space.


Meanwhile I want to look into the Expiration Dates of Futures contracts. They are contracts and they DO expire on certain dates, so you want to be sure that you have disposed of yours accordingly and not get caught in expiration. There are calendars for Futures Expiration you can google. It looks like Oil expires about the 20th of every month.

You will notice on Think or Swim that each monthly contract has a slightly different "name" -- it's not just /CL if you want to identify oil by the particular month. I believe the default of /CL is the current month. /CLN4 is apparently a July contract. So I need to investigate this. (what happened to June?)

If any of you readers KNOW this stuff, PLEASE help us out and leave a comment, teaching us.


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