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Thursday, June 26, 2014

"Home" At Last!!! and...Some Words About "Family"....

Wow, what a trip it's been. I haven't had a trading fund in a number of months (I've lost count of how many! But I used what was left of my fund to buy a house in January, so it's been at least all of 2014) and it feels really good to open my software this morning and ta da~ ! My funds are cleared, and I began to trade /CL sweet crude oil with REAL money for the first time!

Now I live alone with dogs and a cat, so I don't have family around to chat up my trading. But I DO have an extended family of friends, people I love dearly (dearly!) who think I'm crazy as a bat in a sunroom, and they consider trading (most especially MY trading since I'm the original pauper) nothing but gambling. That in spite of the fact that they have never traded themselves and don't have the first notion of what it is I really do But since I have just been through the worst financial crisis of my life, they can't imagine that I would turn to trading to pull myself out of the abyss. Now, this affects me. Why? Mostly because I love them and expect them to respect and trust me. But basically they think I'm lying. What happened to me financially was not entirely my own fault. I had the assistance of an entire nation and a recession to aid in my downfall. And I certainly didn't lose it trading! In fact, trading kept me buoyed for many months when I would have fallen faster and harder without it.

So when I sat down to trade today with my new baby fund...I found my heart in my throat. What if they are right? What if I am delusional? What if I lose it all and they will say "I told you so!" (after all, there are no guarantees in trading, and losses WILL and DO happen. The trick is to win more than you lose, and that's called the skill of it, which I have devoted about four 1/2 years of my life learning).

Then I realized a couple of things:

One. It really helps to have a trading partner, or a trading buddy. Someone who understands the things you do, and with whom you can share new knowledge and swap bragging rights and horror stories without them thinking you're a braggart or jumped off the deep end. I really need to work on this one, as I don't seem to find the right match. It simply is totally defeating to let family and friends get under your skin. If you don't have the courage of your own convictions, then reconsider whether you should trade at all.

Two. What are the worst enemies you have in trading? I learned this when I was brand new, and it took me a couple of years to master any kind of control. Fear and Greed. And that's exactly what I found this morning...rampant fear in my heart! The minute I recognized that pest for what it was, I settled down and in the very limited time I have before sailing off to a "real" job (as my "family" calls it) I made $200 trading. (after $77 in fees, I netted over $100.)

So, you've seen me through the papertrading of /CL oil futures. Here I go with real money. I'm disclosing all to you because you, I realize, are my true trading buddy. I love your comments, your emails, your questions and I feel like this is the place to show you the money. It's puny, it's pathetic, but hey! It's mine and I love the chance to be back in the game.


  1. Hi, long time lurker here and I'm very glad you're back to live trading. I've been doing some research regarding paper trading fills and getting filled live and I came up upon this thread on a forum (http://www.traderslaboratory.com/forums/e-mini-futures-trading-laboratory/11059-paper-trading-vs-live-systems.html). This particular post (http://www.traderslaboratory.com/forums/e-mini-futures-trading-laboratory/11059-paper-trading-vs-live-systems.html#post132766) seems to claim what we're trying to do (scalp futures) is impossible on a live account, but seeing you successfully do it today is quite reassuring to me. What are your thoughts on it? Are you still using the same ol' macd and RSI setup from months ago? Regarding trading alone, I totally get that feeling :( Thanks for your dedication to this blog, I really appreciate it.

    1. Hi there, THANK YOU for the response. (oh, it's lonely at the top. heh). I just got home from my "real" job and we're having torrential downpours, so if my
      computer doesn't blow out, I'll go and read these posts of yours. Yep, I traded a wee bit this morning and have another day of winnings to report, so you just can't listen to what people say. Of course I'm going to have losses, but let's just hope I don't get dumb and break my own rules. I think I'll review my setup soon, as I keep tweaking a little here, a little there and not sure they're the same, but YES still just the Volume Profile, MACD, and RSI. Now that I'm on real money, I'm checking some 2 and 5 day charts just for a little glimpse at trends, but not doing any of the heavy duty research that people talk about in futures. Hell, no. It's so great you wrote. Sometimes I think there's nobody out there...and you're my trading buddy!!

  2. Glad to see you have had a profitable start, nice job. I'm also interested in the fills. I'm the PM account I have a fill almost immediately once my order price is touched. I've watched YouTube videos of live real trades, looks fairly close to that and still very quick fills. What's your experience so far? Also, are these pre-market trades your showing or are you on the west coast?

  3. Hi Adam, I am trading pre-market (as I have to leave for work about the time the market opens). I'm on the East Coast, Florida. So I'm not getting the volatility that I imagine I would if I was in market hours. As a result, I DID notice that my fills are slower than when papertrading. On the Active Trader ladder, it shows the number of trades and they are quite small in those pre-market hours. But once I make up my mind and let the price hold (not move it around too much trying to get a fill) it does fill eventually. I've seen it move OFF my price and not fill, but then come back to my price and fill, all within seconds. Frustrating, as that never did happen in papertrading. BUT, hey, it works. My stats prove that. I think if I could trade a bit later in the day, I wouldn't have that problem. But I'm not sure?