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Friday, June 27, 2014

**Live** Day Trading the /CL Futures 6/27/14

Wow, we're having severe thunderstorms. I've reset all the clocks in the house twice now! Down and out in the tropics takes on a whole new meaning when you can't walk the dogs!

Got a little bit of trading in before work this morning. Here's the Cash and Sweeps account for the day:

I need to go into the office on Saturday but if I get a bit of time over the weekend, I'm going to review my chart setup again, in some detail. I keep tweaking it hoping to get better information. But in truth, I watch it go up and down, and that's about as better as I believe it's going to do. Charts report where the products have been, they can't really tell you where they're going. So I don't have a lot of faith in the technicals, but you have to use something, and that's what we've got. However it's a game of probabilities, and you have to trust your own good sense.

I'll explain my logic when I put up the chart over the weekend, and we can think about it some more. The proof is always in the results.


  1. Hi again! I've been reading around forums (again) and I frequently come across people saying you can only get filled when the price goes through your limit order. Is that true? Ugh, I'm so afraid of scalping because of the public consensus that scalping futures for a few ticks is suicide, on the other hand your account seems to be doing quite well. Weekends are boring when all you can think of is the market :|

    1. As I said in another post, the fills are slow pre-market, but they DO fill. Not as quickly as papermoney, not as quickly as I'd hoped, but they fill. I just can't
      complain when I'm making profits. Catch me on a down day and I'll likely be full of miserable excuses. :-)