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Thursday, July 17, 2014

I'm Out!!

Did you hear me?

I'm OUT of that #$%^&*&()(*&^^%$ trade and I kept my skin, but barely.

I shall be doing some intensive reading and research before I do that again.

The reasuring thing is that I still have my principal to fight on another day. This is part of the learning process. Might not like it, but gotta learn it.

Ended up with $4732.00 (plus the commissions to date $588.00) = $5,320.00 and I started with $5000 on June 26, 2014. So, hey! Now it's time to learn risk management in futures!

After all, everything in life is a risk. Everything! So manage it!

Happy Trading, all you psychopaths. (yes, John Carter has likened traders to being as crazy as psychopaths, so there you have it! I certainly can't argue!)


  1. So glad to see that you are free from that trade. I've had a few of those too. You do learn from them, though.

    1. Thanks! That was a tough one. I was so pleased with my winnings....a really pointed lesson! I'm going to study up for awhile on futures before I put my toe back in the water. Appeciate your support!!!