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Saturday, October 7, 2017

From 2008 Crash to Hurricane Irma! And Me!

Hi, I'm Beverly, the author of this blog. I used to trade (and loved trading) options. I'm pleased that this blog still gets daily hits, and people still leave comments. I feel that it may have helped some people along the way, or at least been some interesting reading for them.

As many of you know, I lost everything in the Recession of 2008. I had to use my Options monies to live on as my real estate holdings disappeared along with the house I lived in.

I bought a mobile home for $4500 (all the money left to my name) and over three years, managed to get it properly air-conditioned (this is Florida, a MUST), the toilet replaced, the rotting floors replaced. It was a slow process, and at the age of 75, I was forced to leave what had been a comfortable retirement and go back to work as an accountant.


I honestly didn't think it could get any worse. And then it did. I fled Naples on Sept. 6th. IRMA hit on Sept. 10th, and I didn't come home until Sept. 22nd. This is what I came home to:

The estimates to repair my wee house are $8500. Of course I have no such monies. So I have started a "GoFundMe" fund for donations to repair my mobile home.

I'm asking you to donate, if you can (and only if you can afford to do so)-- perhaps in the spirit of "paying it forward" as I did with blogging about options, asking for nothing in return. Just the joy of sharing.

Anyway, here's the link, and if you contribute, let me know you're a trader. You all have a special place in my heart.


Thank you for your consideration. I wish you every success and profound affluence in your pursuits, and mostly I wish you love and joy.

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